Important Things To Check When You Shop For A Portable Deck Kit

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If you often find yourself in rustic outdoor environments and want a stable platform beneath your feet, a portable patio deck kit can be a good product to buy. You can use it for camping and a host of other outdoor activities, as it will give you a sturdy, even space to set up your outdoor furniture. When you begin to shop for a portable deck kit, you'll likely want to check the square footage of each kit that you come across. This information is important, but there are a lot of other details that you should check before you decide which kit to buy. Here are some other things to note.

Panel Weight

A portable deck kit is made up of a large number of individual panels that connect together to create the deck. One good thing to check before you buy your kit is how much each panel weighs. This number will depend on multiple factors, including the size of the panels and the material from which they're made. Some people might favor lighter panels. For example, if you have a sore back and are concerned about lifting anything that is too heavy, you might prefer a kit that has panels that don't weigh very much.


You want your portable deck to be adjustable. In most cases, you won't be setting it up on ground that is perfectly level, and you won't want the deck to be slanted. Look for a product that allows you to individually adjust each of the feet — similar to how you level an appliance by adjusting its feet. Taking the time to adjust the feet as you set up the deck will ensure that it's level before you and your family and friends begin to use it. This will result in your chairs and table also being level once you place them on the deck.


It's ideal if you choose a portable deck kit that comes with a number of bags in which you can load and carry the individual panels. These durable bags with large handles will make it much easier for you to carry several panels at a time from your home to your vehicle and from your vehicle to wherever you'll be setting up the deck. Without these panels, you'd face the difficult task of trying to carry a large stack of panels in your arms. Look online to find the right portable deck kit for your needs.

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