Safety Measures for Family Camping

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When packing for a camping trip, everyone remembers the bug spray and the first aid kit; but, what typically gets overlooked as preparations are made? Here, you'll find a few things that will help keep your family safe as you enjoy the great outdoors.

Animal Deterrent

OK, so you're probably not going to have to deal with lions and tigers, but there are bears, coyotes, wolves, mountain lions, snakes, and other predators that could cause trouble during your stay in their home.

There are lots of options when it comes to deterring animals away from your site — there are sprays, alarms, lights, and other gadgets to consider. Battery-powered and solar-powered devices can help to ensure that the protection continues as long as you stay.

If you're going deep into the wild, combining a few different products to create a safe boundary would be best.

Clear the Area

You don't want to set your tent up in a heavily wooded area with high grass and weeds surrounding your site. A very sharp camping sickle can go a long way in helping you trim back weeds and small branches. Create an area with several feet of clear space — clear anywhere that you'll be spending your time or walking around. (Don't forget the area you'll visit when nature calls.)

This will help to reduce the number of snakes that slither by, as well as the insect life that can really put a damper on a clear summer night.

Fire Safety

Everyone loves to sit around a campfire telling stories and enjoying great food prepared over the open flames. Unfortunately, those fires can quickly get out of control and spread. Two things you should have in your camping kit are a fire extinguisher and a fire blanket.

Fire blankets are a great way to snuff out a fire whether it's on your table coming from the propane grill or the flames that jumped from the fire into the grass. It will also help if someone should catch their clothing on fire. Every second counts when it comes to fires, so be prepared and do your part to prevent fires.

Camping is a great pastime that continues to bring families together all over the country. So long as safety measures are taken, the great outdoors can be the setting of many, many great family memories for this generation and the next, as it was the last many.

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