Layer Bedding To Keep Warm When Camping Or Sleeping Outside

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The key to keeping warm when you sleep - whether you're indoors or outdoors - is layering. Layering allows you to create an insulative barrier against the cold, making you snug and cozy in cold conditions.  

Planning to camp or sleep outside? Try layering to stay warm.

Layering for Warmth

Layering apparel is something that outdoor enthusiasts do to stay comfortable in any condition; simply remove layers as the sun rises and temperatures warm. When it comes to layering apparel, there are three necessary and functional layers: 

  • A base or foundation layer that keeps moisture away from the body. 
  • A middle layer that holds body heat.  
  • An outer layer that protects you from the elements.  

Layering clothing for warmth works similarly to layering bedding and blankets to stay warm in cold conditions, too.  

Layering your Bedding

Layering blankets can help you stay toasty warm, especially if you heed a few tips regarding the type of layers and order of layering for optimal warmth. Layering blankets creates a trap for your own body heat and helps you sleep soundly in chilly conditions.  

  • Your first base layer for sleeping should be a favorite blanket or throw that is not too heavy or thick. A flat sheet made from a breathable fabric, like bamboo or cotton, also works well.  
  • Add a heavier layer next, like a wool blanket or bed quilt.  
  • The next layer can be something like your sleeping bag, unzipped, or a heavier blanket, like a sherpa or handmade quilt.  
  • Top with a down blanket to insulate you against the elements.  

Look for camping-specific bedding, down blankets, and sleep pads as they will be lighter and more travel-friendly than those designed for home use. Innovation and invention have created some amazingly compact and durable down blankets and sleeping bags that are perfect for cold-weather camping.  

Down Camping Blankets

Down blankets make excellent layering pieces. They are the final, finishing touch and the outer layer to your base and middle layers. It should be on top of the other blankets to prevent the down filling from becoming compressed; it works best as an insulative layer when it is fluffy and away from possible body sweat. No need to tuck in your down blanket. However, you should tuck in your middle layers to trap your body heat.

Use these tips to layer your bedding and optimize your down blanket and stay warm in any conditions. Check out quality down blankets, bedding, and sleeping pads online to find what you need for your cool-weather camping and overnights. For more information, reach out to a camping blanket manufacturer near you.

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